Desire, Isolation, Proximity… Ketaki Datta

Desire, Isolation, Proximity… Ketaki Datta

Steely glances are being exchanged
Between life and desire,
Serious decisions are to be taken
On the quiet life everyone dreams of
And a secure existence all eye on.
Life and its demands are not
On an even keel these days ,
If life is to be lived with jollity,
Demands are to be kept at bay.
If desire takes a woman in its grip
A man has to respond to it, responsibly!

But how? Touch is a forbidden word,
Mingling is word , too profaned!
Desirous man and woman will have
To stay hungry till they die, perhaps.

A mask hangs on two pairs of lips,
Dying to caress each other,
The air that one breathes should
Never mingle with the other’s.
Heart dies for union,
Body cries for a caring touch,
But isolation is the word of the day,
Stay far from each other, come what may!

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  1. Ananya Chakrabarti

    Nice poems♥️♥️♥️

  2. Ketaki Datta

    thank you, dear Mine!

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