PROCREATION – Laksmisree Banerjee

PROCREATION – Laksmisree Banerjee

Nature’s fervent sunny semen

      Its white orbed radiance pours pulsating

Into the greenish brown vital germinating sites

      Of inscrutable networked jungles of bonding —

In enamoured intensity piercing, hugging,

      Loving through its sparkling secret tangles

To create, burgeon, fertilise and invigorate

      The infinite wraps of green corn fields,

The multi-hued efflorescence at its best,

      The baby leaves sprouting in moist warmth

The bees gyrating around flowers in natural coitus

      The foliaged trees in the flux of orgasmic songs

Ever on the warm shining spree of dripping nectar


       Longing to procreate a golden harvest of fruition

            Till the blazing, palpitating Circle goes down to rest

                  For another new day of Nature’s Creation

                          At its crowning crest.

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