The Star – Lekshmy

The Star – Lekshmy

O’ my dear star,
The Night was flawless,
I can hear your mellifluous voice.
I know you are far apart from me
But thy voice of love is so deep!

O’ my dear star,
I can see you in the dark,
You are shining like a gem ,
Which makes me a
dreamy marionette!

O’ my dear star,
lots of stars in the sky,
But i see only thee.
Thee may not find me in crowd,
But when you fall-off
I will be there to catch you.

O’ my dear star,
If you turn into dust,
I will collect the star dust
and put it in my grave!

Lekshmy, working as an IT professional for the past 6 years.started writing from childhood itself, have a blog and page named freespirit for sharing poems and short stories.

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