Two Poems by Balachandran Nair

Two Poems by Balachandran Nair


Early in every morning,
A llady appeared in my front door,
A blood red sweet child in hand,
Wrapped in soft saffron silk.
That child, Sun, smiled like chirp
Bangles of flowers, anklets of Becks,
Ravines as bracelet he wore,
Rooster served as calling bell,
A fragrant breeze accompanied.
Yes, sir, it was very long ago.
Now skyscraper buildings
Block my sight all around
I feel the child, Sun, above head
Blaring, blazing and burning.
I am unable to look at him bleach
But he stares, says, man….
If at all you are in awe to get
Re-born to that good old days
Look up at terrace, the roof gardens
See flowers tangled as bangles
In plastic pots instead of soil!
Maddened, deeply saddened,
I ran to the sea shore
Saw a pale Sun slowly setting
As if in remorse, as of blasé!

*blase = fatigued with pleasures

The Dossier

Had I been the Sun
Could have melted the mists
Had I been a fun
Could have sweetened your wits
Had I been a nun
Could have served your priests
Had I been your son
Could have kissed your feet
Had I been a diamond
Could have matched your facets
Had I been a compass
Could have found your campus
Had I been a comet
Could have come to your orbit
Had I been a Shakespear
Could have wrote your dossier
Had I have any mastery
Could have unveiled your mystery
For the whole world to know
The secret behind your sweet writings!

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