Two Poems by Madhu Sriwastav

Two Poems by Madhu Sriwastav

Black and White

We arrive at black or white
After crossing the greys
What lurks in between, weaves the yarns
Black or white are the ends of a journey or stride
White is all encompassing
Black bereft of all
Stands alone in its solitude
The world is very colourful
Not black and white my friend
Everything is layered
Plumes of colourwithheld
As said the old Bard correctly
Adversity has its use
Darkest of dark times
Ignites the hearts flames
We turn and churn inside us
The dormant human states
Living a routine life of privilege
Has blinded us to many a state
The turbulent times has
at least heaved sighs in iron hearts
Darkness will also trim
the extras from our coats
so that in compassion
we stitch others clothes
those deprived and hanging
on the edge of survival’s shores
Extend your hands n hearts
Sanitized of its selfishness
let’s push the dark night together
to crack a hopeful dawn!!!


An English Spring is heavenly
It brings warmth back to life
An Indian spring is pleasant
The air fills with delight
Of fresh colourful blossoms
But COVID spring has sprung despair
East or West alike
A yearlong struggle to fight
A hope for return of normal nights
And days when we could let our guards lose
And let our cares fly away with the fragrance of
Jasmine, lily, hyacinth and rose
That soothe our nerves and soul
But nature seems enraged
Though it has sprung forth spring’s toys
It has taken away the rest
Respite to enjoy because
We live in dread of disease and death!

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