Two Poems by Neelam Saxena

Two Poems by Neelam Saxena


The words kept reverberating
Not only in her mind, but also in her heart!

The echoes became so unbearable
That she tightly closed the holes in her ears
With her delicate fingers,
And yet, she could hear the whispers
Everywhere around her.
Dejectedly she sat down on the ground
With her fingers still on her ears-
Her heart was throbbing,
Her eyes were damp,
Her entire body trembled…
And finally, she fainted!

When she woke up on the hospital bed,
She felt that a second life has been bestowed upon her
And she began to rethink about her fear…

She realised that society can threaten,
Only till you let it!

She removed the needle of the saline from her veins,
And ran away without looking back.
What she needed was not a Doctor,
But the healing energy that could come only from within!

Sitting down cross-legged calmly on the ground,
She shut her eyes and let herself drown
In the golden energy that she could feel flowing
From her head inside her entire body…

She knew that it was a long way to go,
But the words that reverberated now were,
“I think, I can!”


Panting breaths,
Aching legs,
Unclear vision,
Shivering body,
Hands struggling to hold the dangling rope;
And yet, the dream of conquering
That lofty mountain peak,
Makes the mountaineers carry on.

Dreams are what
Define you and your existence.
A person without dreams
Is already dead,
And who likes decaying corpses?

I have filled up my eyes
With infinite number of dreams,
So that if one drops,
I pick up the other;
If another gets fulfilled,
I jump on to the next-
And my life moves on seamlessly
With happiness dripping from my lips
In the form of a beautiful smile.

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