Two Poems by Rajorshi Narayan Patranabis

Two Poems by Rajorshi Narayan Patranabis


Let me lie, deep in your embrace –

Hold me tight, day, every day,
Grow around me
Loose curbed forms.

I lie in state deep under the soil
Be my rose bed above.

Your roots hold me close
Through eternity
Spring wakes up
You flower yourself red,
We are together

For light years
We grow


He had left long back. I still lay on my cot. A little bewildered that I am, on most times, I was drowned deep into myself.
My pair of denims lay on the floor. I had ripped and ribbed the brand new one with a blade to flaunt my thighs, my knees, to, perhaps, make myself more saleable.

My denim speaks to me and more often than not brings me back to earth.

Every painful bite mark on my body makes my heart more resolute, someday, may be love would knock on my doors.

Read once again
Green aroma whispered
Stories of dawn.

My denim smiles”wake up sweetheart, it’s business time”.

Knock on my door, “Muskan???”…


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  1. Naheed Akhtar

    Outstanding composition

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