An Encore – Santosh Bakaya

An Encore – Santosh Bakaya

The New Year comes,
humming a hopeful song.
Hush, do you hear the beating of drums?
The strumming of guitars, breathing a new life
in the lackadaisical environs,
replete with back- breaking strife?

The virus of hate glowers at us,
lowers our ability to love,
but see …see that tiny dove
perched on the parapet,
clearing its tiny throat,
polishing its peace notes?

The boat of life cruises along
singing that beautiful song.
The trees clap asking for an encore.

Treason and betrayal no more.
No more rancor and hate.
No more.
No more the canker of falsehoods
in this new season.
Happy, happy are the hopping birds
as my words once again burst forth
spilling unstopping
on a clean slate.

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