Three Poems by Pankhuri Sinha

Three Poems by Pankhuri Sinha

Coming back to the alliance statement

Coming back to the alliance statement
After such robbery of rights
In broad day light
The robbery of credit, merit, opportunity
The great big thrill
Of doing it yourself
The thrill that in the modern day
Has been solely accepted as the individual’s
Stolen, brutally
In the making of an unnecessary alliance
Consisting of marriage, social forces
Nationality, all kinds of identities
Even the question of an ongoing affair
An extra marital affair
Made into the central issue
And put forth at the centre
Preventing work
Preventing progress
But primarily
An alliance
Made up of a proximity
Between work and family
Most undesirable
Never permitted
An alliance
That has still eluded
Still outpaced you
Still resisted being busted
Like a drug trafficking racket
Wearing the mask of righteousness………………….

Playing the politics of the automatic

Playing the politics of the automatic
Was a clever thing to do
It needed just a little push
Just a little coldness here
And a warmth there
Silence on some very urgent issues
The ones you had tried to open
Deliberate evasion of them
To get you to the point of
Standing up
Face to face with everything
Owned by him
To get you to the proven point of
Everything owned by him
Or was it
Could it all be challenged in court?
Proven half yours
Jointly owned
But driving you away from these righteous stands
Into the arms of other men
Yes, other men,
Deliberately keeping you there,
Dear Suzannah 73
Waiting patiently,
Waiting till all time was over,
Meeting you very cold,
Each time you came back to him,
Waiting with a joy building up,
The joy of getting away with murder,
The pleasure of it,
Emerging victorious,
Emerging as people’s king,
Emerging a man,
Out of all your affairs,
Dear suzannah.

The road to the grievance talk

Alright, she said
Enough, she said
Now, I will talk about it
Have to
Have to complain
But the question remains
Why was it on his agenda
From day one
To have me complain against him?
Why take pride
In coercion
Why be so overpowering?
What indeed
Is the white man’s war against me?
Why has he been putting strange questions before me?
From where does his authority come
To try me so?
When the white man
Does not at all
Mingle with the women of my race
Does not mingle with brown women
At least
Not in this way
Not with this high school bully
Kind of an attitude
He also does not make
A permanent issue
Out of another senior worker
Of my race
Nationality even
At work
And it is not
The divide and rule policy
Of the British Raj
It is a very systematic installation
Of an ethnic politics
Also inclusive
Of age
And other social factors
That makes people
Choke to death
That actually kills
Very young
And very talented people.
And please do not tell me
The police was calling me
Asking for donation
Simply because of the expression
On my face
The happy expression
On the face of a newly married woman
Just arriving
In one of the loveliest places
On earth
To make a home
To make a family.

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