Poem & artwork by Jaipreet Grover

Poem & artwork by Jaipreet Grover

Kids love to come to school !!!

My kids love to come to school,

Because it’s their wonderful school.
Want to play in nature’s lap,
In the sunshine with a vibrant cap.
With teachers, friends, and peers

They overcome all those fears.
Want to sit with friends in class,
And play together in the lush green grass.
By sharing each other’s nutritious lunch,
Any dish they would love to munch.
With inventive games in the school bus,
Their skills are getting every day plus.

With their panoply of artwork,
They are becoming more smart.
Hold on…. Kids, now there is this corona pandemic,
Which was earlier considered an epidemic.

Let’s all stay at our home,
And make ours a corona-free zone!


It’s Ok

It’s ok…
If you couldn’t grab the first position in school,
Your happiness mantra has become a prominent rule.

It’s ok…
If you couldn’t become a sports pro,
Your enthusiasm for helping others was never low.

It’s ok…
If you couldn’t become the class monitor,
By serving the needy kids academically, you are no less than a classic tutor.

It’s ok…
If you couldn’t get admission to a top college,
Your prayers for others have made you a pious sage!

It’s ok…
If you have not received a medal or certificate,
You have been bestowed with a perfect soulmate.

It’s ok…
If your work stands out from the crowd,
Your honest and kind acts have made your parents proud.

It’s ok…
If you have experienced your imperfections,
You have been granted inner peace and self-satisfaction.

It’s ok…

If you are an AVERAGE person, and not the best,
My dear, you have TOPPED in this life’s test,
You are God’s favourite child and he will take care of you in his nest.

Request you to kindly acknowledge the same.

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