The universal poet – Suranjit Gain

The universal poet – Suranjit Gain

The victor of the universe,
the universal poet Nazrul;
ever true, not the error.

Rabindranath our
pride for ever;
first time he wins
the universe.

Nazrul is the best
surprise of the world!
announced every where.

Rabindranath admits
the truth;
the title universal poet,
Nazrul’s authority.

He is admired
by the globe
in his young age.

Devotion, love, humanity,
secularism remain
in his creations.

Poem, prose, story,
novel all the literary
sides are praiseworthy
with his peerless pen.

Nazrul obtains the most
reputation all over the
world for his incomparable
devotional lyric verse.

Nazrul is a scientific
author as well.
His science based
writings are so admirable.

Once he recites his
most famous poem Bidrohi ( the rebel )
in front of Rabindranath.
He is embarrassed and
says to Nazrul
the universal poet.

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