But love transgender’s journey, non-stop.
In that bottom the social sensations flop.

They break the neolithic-natures, smiling.
Make untrue, the unjust youth perceiving.

With due connection they daub daylights.
In a contrary as third gender, who plights.

Of lithe-likings, the stars smile with jovial.
Think later they love, each-other bisexual.

Bears, transgender-taint from successor.
On theoretic voids all ownings as warrior.

Into their esse-awaked-visions,intangible.
From era,the attained youth never livable.

Now,to lay the veil true men join by them.
And gets real river’s resort,touching-gem.

Near to neighbour with affectionate love.
As stream their softy sound, swell above.

Into the object they tired, fossilized slave.
Within a solemn vow sweaty soma, rave.

From slippy slopes poet finds roses-rear.
Their sleepless souls sigh, upon the year.

In their pith colourless love feelings pain.
Thro,the city’s news poet alarming again.

To hope ensuing existence, they abiding.
Lastly as the sun-shine, leap for enjoying.

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