Two poems by Dr. sigma

Two poems by Dr. sigma

I scream

I would scream to nowhere,
to the curved sky,
to the mountain,
to the ocean.
And in the culmination,
I scream at the unending grave yard.
Stillness around me,
doesn’t do justice
to the fever of my mind.
I shall own the snippets of dreams,
and I wish to write the
stories of humanity
that fixed its eyes
into the treasures of earth.
And someday I walk
alone to
open my empty house
Just to scream again…
I keep my eyes fixed in
dead idols
I worshipped.
And I wait for my turn
to bid adieu.
I scream to the dead world

Another Day

Another day begins like any other day
And I love
the sweet moments
which I make myself
just to live…
It is like the way the wind blows,
Like the river flows
and the flower blooms.
I need a listener,
when the day is done.
But… ?
Who listens to me?

Would I be able to scribble
Centuries old destiny
at night.
My only convenient time.
When lights are off
A new book is born
in the secret space of my heart
I stare at darkness
And I hear a billion voices envelop me.
Voices of creativity.
I sink in mysteries of voices
And I face writer’s block
I wait for another day.
Another day is born like any other day

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