Two Poems by Mahfuz Al-Hossain

Two Poems by Mahfuz Al-Hossain


Before crossing the treacherous touchline
of this myopic mortal marathon
I would prefer to pronounce thy Name with immeasurable reverence -holding  back remaining air of the stratosphere inside my laconic lungs- only to submit this hurriedly composed hymn:

Oh my lord, if any ordinary word of my mediocre attempts of moronic verses finds you well ,  in lieu of that please give me a second chance to run in to repay my debts towards the home soil visiting my childhood abode situated in the remotest village Garchapra, where the treasured memories of my blissful boyhood are playing hide and seek with me officiously again and again…


We have a dream —
A longstanding lovely daydream
having colourful backgrounds
inherited from our fossilized  forefathers
resolving for a glossy glittering
secured future  for  their successors
at the expense of their
successive sufferings in the hands of their fratricidal fairbrothers

Spectroscopy report arrives
Those Non-occidental dreams
having deep dark brown  complexions
looks ravishing like a breezy burgundy blushing brunette
lives in the farthest filthy corner of the
dirty doggone down memory lanes of the
dodgy demonic bleaching powder minds

Daydreaming or nightmare
whatever you’re thinking
It doesn’t matter for us at all
Not even to our fossilized forefathers
sailing under the roasting sunrays
with occasional teasing downpours
and thumping throttling thunderstorms
boarded on a overloaded westbound vessel
hoarded like herds of sacred sacrificial cattles
In the middle of the turbulent tumultuous seas
or on the savage banks of the moistened muddy river ludicrously clustered with clay
during the dumbest days of rainy season

Our diminutive distinct Brown Identity always separates us from that those canine Neo- Normans’
In their cruelest crunches
or in their day to day every move towards post-colonial cultural conquests and aggression
from the time immemorial
extending up to the extreme era of dead- end of days…

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