Cancellation and Refund

At Penprints, we offer various types of services, such as Journal hosting services, website development services, manuscript editing, content writing, book and E-book publishing, and end-to-end assistance for manuscript submission and open-access journals. All are services are based on customized packages and you can ask for the quote at free of cost for availing our services.

After making a payment through our online or offline payment mode, if you wish to cancel your contract then you can make a request for complete refund. We shall refund your amount within 7-10 working days via bank transfer to the same bank account or wallet which have been used for making the payment toward Penprints.

You cannot claim any refund for the following cases:

  • If you book a domain, SSL, Hosting or other web development tools via Penprints then we have to buy such products from third party (from a local hosting service or a dynamic hosting provider). In this case, we cannot make any refund for such services. We can help you to follow the refund policy the respective hosting provider / Third Party Company.
  • For journal hosting, if you avail DOI services from our partners then we cannot make any refund because you have to buy DOIs from CrossRef, which is non-refundable.

Penprints can successfully grant or accept your refund application if you avail our core services, which are managed by our team. In this case, it is highly suggested to discuss about our services with our representatives before you avail, and you must read our service level agreement carefully before you sign.