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How to apply for an ISBN in India?

Are you an author? Do you publish your book with ISBN? ISBN or the International Standard Book Number is a unique identifier assigned for monograph publications. It is the 13-digit number that contains the bibliographic information of your book. 

Why would you need an ISBN? 

You can publish your book without an ISBN, but you cannot index your book in internal databases. For example, you cannot make your book available in any library because they will scan your ISBN for indexing. Apart from that, it is better to publish a book with a valid ISBN because it will help you to reach more audiences. 

Do not use fake ISBN: 

There are some publishers and publication agencies available that can use a fake ISBN for your book. They can reuse their previous ISBN for your book or they can simply put a number randomly. Make sure, you should not use a fake ISBN. You can check your ISBN free of cost online. You can enter your ISBN here

How to apply for an ISBN in India? 

Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN is the only agency in India that can provide genuine ISBN to the publishers and authors. You can create an account on their official website free of cost and enter your details. They will generate a user id and password and you will get a mail within 2-3 days from the agency. 

Afterward, you need to upload the details of your book like, cover page, verso page, publication details, and other necessary details. You can check their application process here

There are two types of ISBNs available – author’s ISBN (self-publication) and publisher’s ISBN. If you want to publish your book at your own cost then you can apply for an author’s ISBN. In this case, you need to provide your details along with address proof and ID proof. 

But, you cannot apply for a publisher’s ISBN until your publication business is registered in India. You need to upload valid business proof along with your taxation details or company details to create a corporate publisher’s account. 

How to check your ISBN? 

You can simply search your ISBN on the official website of Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN. Else, you can ask your publisher to show their corporate account details. You have full right to ask such questions before you submit your manuscript. 

So check your ISBN here 

Cost of ISBN in India: 

You do not need to pay anything for ISBN in India. It is provided free of cost by Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN. 

Penprints Publication has a corporate account with an ISBN agency in India. You can publish your book with a valid ISBN and we will provide your ISBN details downloaded from the government website. Apart from that, we can share our corporate profile available on the ISBN agency. Penprints do not sell ISBN and its related services, and we provide ISBN free of cost. 

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