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Earth Elegies by Ajanta Paul


Ajanta Paul’s Earth Elegies celebrates the mystery and beauty of nature while decrying its despoliation. In their focus on environmental concerns, many poems are ecopoetic through and through. The collection also draws attention to subtle moments of appreciating nature as well as to our emotional responses to places. At the same time, ecological awareness threads through the collection. Such interconnections surface in the redolent line “of sap and sapience” from the poem “A Late Flowering.” Here the poet implies that sap is sapience. Some poems in Earth Elegies address non-human beings as communicative subjects. “Talismanic Tree,” for instance, foregrounds the felt encounters between people and plants. The speaker retreats into the “natural, capacious arms. / Our safe and loving anchorage!” To be certain, there is a lexicon for touch—hard, soft, rough, smooth, slick, tickling—but also the idea of being moved, affected, or impacted positively. As Margaret Atwood writes in no uncertain terms, ‘Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.” Ajanta Paul’s poetry engages touch in both senses: of skin-to-skin contact with trees but also of the encounters with the arboreal world that transform us profoundly…John Charles Ryan

ISBN – 978-81-966577-2-7
INR 250
Paperback | 111 pages

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