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Ethereal Earth by Rishipratim Guha Mustafi

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Ethereal Earth
by © Rishipratim Guha Mustafi

Published by Penprints
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Price: 2600 | $ 90
First Edition 2024
Cover photo by © Rishipratim Guha Mustafi

ISBN: 978-81-967932-3-4
ISBN 10 – 81-967932-3-5

First Edition, 2024
Copyright – Rishipratim Guha Mustafi

Step into the breathtaking world of nature through the lens of Rishipratim Guha Mustafi in his mesmerizing photobook, Ethereal Earth. Each page invites you on a visual journey, capturing the essence and grandeur of landscapes from around the country, including well-known places like Darjeeling, Howrah, Kiriburu, Kolkata, and Madhya Pradesh. With an artist’s eye for detail and a passion for the landscapes, Mustafi’s photographs transport you to serene mountains, tranquil lakesides, and majestic forests, where every moment is frozen in time. Whether you’re an avid adventurer or an armchair traveler, this collection promises to ignite your wanderlust and inspire a deeper appreciation for the beauty of our planet.

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