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Kolkata My Endless City by Rajib De and Arup Ghosh


Introducing “Kolkata: My Endless City” – a remarkable photobook crafted by the collaborative genius of renowned photographer Rajib De and accomplished writer Arup Ghosh. Together, they unveil the multifaceted beauty and enduring charm of the City of Joy through stunning imagery and insightful prose.

Through the lens of Rajib De, every photograph within this book is a masterpiece, capturing the essence of Kolkata in its myriad forms – from its historic architecture to its bustling streets, from its serene riverbanks to its lively festivals. Each image is a testament to De’s unparalleled skill in visual storytelling, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the soul-stirring landscapes and captivating moments of everyday life that define Kolkata.

Complementing De’s evocative photographs is the eloquent narrative of Arup Ghosh, whose words weave a rich tapestry of stories, anecdotes, and historical context that breathe life into each image. Ghosh’s deep understanding and affection for Kolkata shine through in every sentence, offering readers a deeper appreciation for the city’s culture, heritage, and people.

Together, De and Ghosh invite you on a transformative journey through the streets, sights, and sounds of Kolkata – a journey that transcends time and space, leaving an indelible impression on the heart and mind. “Kolkata: My Endless City” is not just a photobook; it is a love letter to a city that continues to inspire, enchant, and beguile all who encounter its magic.

Kolkata My Endless City
By Rajib De and Arup Ghosh
ISBN – 978-81-966577-3-4
Coffee-table photobook
INR 3000

Weight 1500 g


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