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Muse of Software-Clad Body by Boudhayan Mukherjee and Bablu Giri

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From a very young age, Bablu Giri displayed a natural talent for writing. Throughout his college years, he fostered strong connections with the contemporary literary circles in Kolkata, driven by his profound artistic passion. He penned numerous volumes of poetry, with standout pieces such as Parjeshan, Brahmand Shabdo Sarasi, Ishwar O Feriwala, Ishwarer Addakhana, and Software Makha Sharir. His literary endeavors have garnered him multiple awards, and Software Makha Sharir stands out as one of his finest collections, exploring the intriguing relationship among software, organic and inorganic anatomy.

Boudhayan, a bilingual poet and translator, has been writing in English since the mid-1970s, all while contributing to Bengali literature and translating between the two. With a background in agriculture, he became a literary editor at Visva Bharati University, and edited Personae-an English literary journal, and Kanthaswar-a Bengali poetry magazine. He has published works in various journals, including books titled Black Milk, Sannihiti, Cold Mist, and six translation anthologies, with Selected Poems of Pankaj Saha as his latest. He has been invited by Sahitya Akademi for multiple poetry reading sessions, and is a regular contributor to All India Radio. Despite his banking career, he taught creative writing at Indira Gandhi National Open University and was awarded the Swayamagata Literary Prize in 2022. Boudhayan has been nominated for America’s Pushcart Prize (2023) for Poetry.

Muse of Software Clad Body – Translation of Software Makha Sharir by Bablu Giri
Translated from Bengali to English by Boudhayan Mukherjee

Published by Penprints
Official Address: 38/2 A. N. Saha Road, Kolkata-700048,
West Bengal, India.
Website –

Genre – Translation – Poetry
Copyright – Bablu Giri
Cover Design and Illustration- Wasef Zaman

Price: INR 300 | $ 40
First Edition – 2023

ISBN: 978-81-964177-2-7
ISBN 10 : 81-964177-2-1

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