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Rhododendrons by Sreetanwi Chakraborty


Rhododendrons by Sreetanwi Chakraborty
ISBN- 978-81-956197-9-5
First Edition – 2023
Hardbound with Gel-Jacket
Price – INR 200
Booking details will be out soon.

Sreetanwi’s Rhododendrons Narrated with a dazzling, elegiac ferocity, Rhododendrons is refreshingly sensual, intriguingly voluptuous probe into conflicting impulses of human nature. No wonder, it is a daring tale of a woman’s whimsical, capricious adventures into subterranean realms of love, envy, and betrayal. Revealing off-the-wall fantasies and reality shifts in our unsettling metaphysics of domesticity, the novel is a deeply addictive meditation on the strangeness of city life; an astonishing debut novel!

Ashwani Kumar

Poet, Author, & Editor of ‘Rivers Going Home’


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