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Scar by Soumen Roy

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Author – Soumen Roy©
Publication Year – 2022
ISBN – 978-81-956197-8-8
Pages- 86

The pangs of love can be bitter, and sweet. Days of wishing and longing for the loved one can take one for a rendezvous with the self, or else, it can also be self-detrimental. Soumen Roy is a consummate poet at heart, a wordsmith, an artist who loves to play with expression in his prose. Through Supriya’s journey of unrequited love, misunderstandings, wait, grief, episodes of battling her own mental demons, Soumen has unfurled the various facets of human life. It is passion that rules the heart, it is the excruciating sense of parting that devastates one from within. With descriptive stances that are new in the literary domain, Soumen can feel and write about his characters. I am quite sure Scar is going to heal: heal all kinds of malaise that are plaguing the world at this moment. After all, nothing can be sustained for long if it is not infused with the power of supreme love. – Sreetanwi Chakraborty

3 reviews for Scar by Soumen Roy

  1. Deepika

    The story is so realistic, unique and heart touching. This book will take you through the rollercoaster of emotions. It is a must read for all the book lovers.

  2. Siddhartha sankar Roy

    Very good book.

  3. Rishi Roy

    Really amazing book. Loved the storyline. The way the characters were portrayed kept me glued to the pages until I finished the book. Highly recommended. One of the best books I have read in a long time.

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