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ATOMICITY by Ekram Ali


Atomicity is a collection of poems written in Bengali by Ekram Ali, and translated into English by Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharjee, Subhranshu Maitra, Biswanath Bhoumik, Ketaki Datta, Amita Ray, Indrajit Bose, Sreetanwi Chakraborty, Pritha Chakraborty, Luna Rushdi & Ashique KhudaBukhsh.

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Genre – Poetry
Copyright – © Ekram Ali
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First Edition 2023
ISBN: 978-81-959158-8-0
ISBN 10 : 81-959158-8-4

Ekram Ali, born on July 1, 1950, is a retired journalist and accomplished author, recognized for his significant contributions to Bengali literature. With a career spanning several decades, Ekram served as the Deputy Chief Sub-Editor at AAJKAAL, showcasing his expertise and commitment to journalistic excellence.

Ekram’s literary prowess extends to various genres, including poetry, essays, novels, and biography. His extensive collection
of poetry includes works such as ‘Atijibito’ (1983), ‘Ghanakrishna Alo’ (1988), ‘Andhar Taranga’ (1991), ‘Banrajpur’ (2000), ‘Ekram Alir Kobita’ (2001), ‘Ekram Alir Shreshtha Kobita’ (2008), ‘Praloykatha’ (2009), ‘Andhar Poridhi’ (2013), ‘Bautir Kobita’ (2014), ‘Biponno Gronthipunjo’ (2017), Bangali Musalman: Lokachar o Samaj, Shunyer Protibha (Critical Literary Essays), Raatmashir Kaanpasha (Collection of poems) and ‘Pora Matir Ghori’ (2019). Ekram’s talent for crafting thought-provoking essays is evident in his works such as ‘Musalman Bangalir Lokachar’ (2006), ‘Apollor Pakhi’ (2008), and ‘Bedonatur Alokrekha’ (2019). In addition, he has also explored the realm of fiction with his novel titled ‘Digonter Ektu Age’ (2015), which showcases his storytelling finesse.

Apart from his contributions to poetry and prose, Ekram has also dabbled in the art of sketching, as evident in his collections
‘Dhulopaye’ (2015) and ‘Harrison Road’ (2019). Furthermore, he has delved into biography with ‘Atish Dipankar’ (1997), shedding light on the life of this notable figure.

Ekram’s literary achievements have garnered recognition and accolades throughout his career. Notable awards include the
Birendra Purashkar (1990), the Senior Fellowship Award from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India (2009-2010), the
Bhasha Shahid Barkat Samman (2010), and the Pashchimbanga Bangla Akademy Puroskar (2018). His work has also reached an international audience, with translations of his poems published in esteemed literary publications. Translations by Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharjee were featured in ‘Voices from Bengal: Modern Bengali Poetry in English Translation’ (Sahitya Akademi, 1997), while translations by Subhranshu Maitra appeared in ‘Indian Literature,’ a periodical of Sahitya Akademi. He has contributed papers on various aspects of contemporary Bengali literature, including presentations at conferences and commemorative volumes organized by Sahitya Akademi.

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